The total designation and classification of human motion and global information flows open new virtual dimensions of human experience, which is not only free from the matter, but from space and time as well. However, what was intended to be information becomes a background noise, and what was intended to be communication, i.e. exchange, degrades into a new form of isolation.


The process of human activities not only pollutes the physical environment (namely nature), but the spiritual also, as images are actively exploited, destroyed and thrown away like things. Consumer’s attitude to arts has caused demystification of signs and symbols. The dramatically polluted language of images constrains us to look for a new starting point, i.e. archetypes of human existence as an individual.


Signs and meanings, which form images, have their own places of settlement. The Ukrainian identity has never been strictly outlined, as it was in a parted condition. The exploitation of external attributes of the national character becomes its profanation. Those are us, who should create the national features now.


Our task is to find the Ukrainian sector of the universal values images, expressed with the language of contemporary arts.


Our inheritance is the environment and the way of living in it. We have to indicate the interrelationship between the act of will and the place, where phenomena are reflected.


Our purpose is to create a space, which would contain objects and meanings, and enable the individual selfidentification.


Our work is to build a communication bridge between the places of settlement of Ukrainian signs and symbols and the individual universe.