Petro Bevza


Born on January 1, 1963, in the Shpitki village in Kyivska Oblast, to a family of teachers.

In 1977-1979 – takes part in the art studio headed by Boris Pianida at the Kyiv State Art Institute. Meets Oleg Pinchuk. Meets Anatoliy Bazilevich and studies under him.

1979 - graduates summa cum laude from the Vyshnivsky middle schools. Enters into the Kyiv State Art Institute.

1982-1984 – visits the poetical studio of Volodymyr Zabashtansky. Meets Fedor Kyslyi, Vasil Gerasim'yuk, and Mykola Som.

1985 – graduates from the Kyiv State Art Insitute, where he studied in the architectural workshop of Professor Mykola Stepanov (teachers – Oleksiy Zagnyboroda and Leonid Pribega).

1985-1987 – service in the USSR Interior Service of the Armed Forces.

1988 – takes part in the Republican Seminar of Young Writers and Cinematographers at the Writer's Unions Creativity House. Producer Lev Karpov films the short movie “Convoy” at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko studio using his screenplay.

Teaches painting and composition at Kyiv district art school, until 1993.

1989 – joins the Youth Union of the Artist's Union of Ukraine. Meets with Tiberius Silvashi, who invites him to take part in the youth creative group in Sednev and Zhdeniev. Meets with Victor Ryzhyh, Sergiy Zhivitkov, Anna Sidorenko, Anatoliy Kryvolap, Petro Levedynets, Pavlo Kovachev, and others.

1990 – joins the National Artist's Union of Ukraine.

First personal (combined with the sculptures of Oleg Pinchuk) art exhibition in the House of Cinema in Kyiv.

1991 – meets with Volodimir Gorbatenko and works with him on the journals “New Generation” and “Syntheses.”

1992-2000 – meets and actively communicates with Oleksiy Lytvynenko and Mark Geik in the collective art workshops on Lenin Street (now – Bogdan Khmelnytsky street).

1993 – is the author of the idea and participates in the art project “Artistic Plasticity,” done by the curator Edward Dymshytz.

Participates in the “Art of Ukraine” exhibition at the Augustins museum of Toulouse, France.

1994 is the author of the idea, co-curator (with Eugen Solonin and Iosip Bletzka), and participant of the international symposium “Ukrainan-French Meetings,” which included among its participants Tiberius Sylvashi, George Otar, Volodymyr Tsyupko, Oleksandr Babak, Joel Briss, Vasil Bazhai, and others.

Is given the Honorary Certificate of the city of Kyiv for best artwork of 1994.

Meeting with Sergei Krymsky.

1995 – realizes the personal art project “C'est moi. The Reality of Abstraction” at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, where his most important themes are stressed. An album-monograph is published with the text of Sergiy Krymsky, Olga Lagutenko, Aaron Copeland, and Sophia Ivanenko.

Meets with collectors Christina and Bogdan Batruh, Patricia and Ivan Schmorgun, Igor Dyachenko, and Francois Lou.

1996-1997 – together with Petro Lebedynets and Oleksiy Lytvynenko realizes the exhibition project “Et caetera” at the exhibition halls in Kyiv, Nice, Cannes, Luxembourg, Geneva, and Manheim.  The project is given awards at the “D'art contemporain'96” international exhibit of contemporary art (France) and the ІV International Art Festival (Ukraine).

Travels to Poland, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, and Germany.

1997 – travels to Paris, and has an exhibition at the «Robin-Leadouze Galerie».

Starts working on “earthworks.”

Starts to work together with Boris Erofalov and Oleksandr Prima on the ACC magazine (up to 2005).

1998 – exhibits the “Cicerone” photo art project at the “Tutesall” exhibition hall in Luxembourg as part of the exhibition of the international group “Du Vague a l’Art.”

Meets with Yuri Onuh, Petro Gonchar and Mykola Malyshko.

1999 – realizes the “Heritage” art project together with Oleksiy Lytvynenko at the ІV International Art Festival in Kyiv.

Writes the “Our Work” manifestoe, which is published in the ACC magazine.

2000-2001 – together with Mykola Malyshko and Oleksiy Lytvynenko realizes the “Transition” art project, including objects for exhibition, paintings, and earthworks, in the halls of the National Art Museum of Ukraine, the National Artist's Union of Ukraine and the NaUKMA center for contemporary art founded by George Soros. 

Art project “Sophic Symbols of Being” exhibited in the “Hlibnya” exposition hall of Sofiya Kyivska (in cooperation with Sergiy Krymsky, Volodymyr Gorbatnko, exhibited together with Mykola Malyshko, Nina Denisova, Mykola Zhuravel, Oleksiy Lytvynenko and others).

2001 – travels in Switzerland and Italy as part of the “CentrePasquArt” Contemporary Art Museum program. Visits the 49 Venetian Biennale. Meets and actively works with museum director and curator Andreas Maier.”Free Fields” exhibition by Petro Bevza and Oleksiy Lytvynenko held at the“CentrePasquArt” Contemporary Art Museum (Biel/Bienne).

Participates in the International Land Art Symposium “Open Circle” (Kuressaare, Estonia).

Participates in the “XX Artists of Ukraine (The End of the Century)” exhibition at the National Art Museum of Ukraine.

Meets with Mykola Marychevsky and works on the “Visual Art” magazine.

2002 – travels South-Eastern Crimea. Begins work on the “Theodosics” cycle.

The “Theodosics” cycle is exhibited throughout 2006-2007 at the Soviart Contemporary Art Gallery, the “Atelier Karas” Gallery, the Kharkiv City Gallery, and the “Dzyga” Center of Contemporary Art.

Participates in the International Land Art Symposium “Chalk Space” (Mogrytsa, Ukraine). Writes the program article “Landscape – the concept granting meaning to life,” published in the catalog of the “Chalk Space” exhibition of the Soviart Contemporary Art Gallery.

Participates in the “Art of Ukraine” exhibition at the Central Artist's House of Moscow, Russia.

2003 – begins work on the art project “Ukrainisms. A visual dictionary.”

Is co-curator with Mykola Zhuravel and participant of the “Invasion” exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, along with Mykola Zhuravel, Oleksandr Zhyvotkov, Matviy Weisber, Badri Gubianuri, and others.

2004 – is the curator and participant of the art project “350 years after,” exhibited in the Central Exhibition Hall of the National Artist's Union of Ukraine, the Kharkiv City Gallery, and the “Dzyga” Center for Contemporary Art.

Participates in in the “Sheshory-2004” International Festival of Ethnic Music and Landart (Sheshory, Ukraine).

Exhibits the “Heritage” art object together with Oleksiy Lytvynenko at the Fourth International Magdeburg Art Festival in Germany.

2004-2006 - “Theodossics” exhibited in Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, and the USA.

2006 – at the request of Bogdan Batruch, begins work on the author's sketch of the project of the Protection of the Holy Virgin Mary at the Lypivka village of Kyivska oblast.

Travels to Galich, Moscow, Vladimir, Warsaw.

2007 – the «In Natura» exhibition is held at the same time in the Museum of Contemporary Art “Soviart” and the “Karas” gallery, where work from the “Theodosics” cycle, earthworks, and photos of the art project “Ukrainisms” are displayed. The Sophia-A Publishing House publishes the “Bevza” album.

Travels to Italy. Visits Florence, Siena, Pisa, and Ravenna.

Works on the “sacral art” cycle “Tski.” It is exhibited in the “Triptych” gallery of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Travels to Croatia and bases “Elegii” cycle of paintings on impressions from the journey. Visits Korchula, Dubrovnik, and Split.

2008 року за запрошенням Мілоша Пескіра бере участь у міжнародній виставці «Eastern Neighbours Remote Shelter» at the Stefanus Cultural Center (Utrecht, Netherlands).

“Elegii” exhibition at the “Bottega” art gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Participates in the International Land Art Symposium “Borderland Space” in Mogrytsa, Ukraine, where he and Oleksiy Lytvynenko realize the earthwork “Sun Bird.”

Awarded I Degree Diploma in the “Art Book” nomination of the State Committee of Television and Radio of Ukraine for 2008.

2008-2009 – is the curator of the art project “Nomads. On the horizon” and the charity project “Blank Page. Manifestation.”

2009 – works on the “Iris” cycle.

Participates in the international exhibition «ArtVilnius’09» (Vilnius, Lithuania) together with Anatoly Kryvolap, Oleksandr Zhyvotkov, Oleksandr Babak, Valeriy Shkarupa, and Oleksiy Lytvynenko.

Together with Oleksiy Lytvynenko exhibits the “Ovid” art project at the “GogolFest” exhibition at the “Mystetsky Arsenal” Museum (Kyiv, Ukraine).

2010 – works on the “Foot of Fate” cycle of paintings. Exhibits in the “АВС-art” gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the “Bezpala Brown Gallery” (Toronto, Canada). Travels to Canada, visits Toronto, Quebek, and Ottawa.

Together with Ganna Gidora and support of Oleg Krasnoselsky publishes book “Art of the Environment. Ukraine 1989-2011.”

Participates in the exposition “Ukrainian slice. Ukrainian Contemporary Art” in the contemporary art center «Culture Workshop» (Lublin, Poland).  

Is the co-curator (with Oleg Yasenev) and a participant of the international art project “Spaces of Gravity” at the “Aircraft Gallery” (Bratislava, Slovakia). Is writing the program article “Spaces of Gravity.”

Travels to Slovakia and Austria.

Decorated with the International Anti-Terroristic Unity Order of Civil Courage.

2011 – works on the cycle “Islands. Deeps.”