Foot of Destiny "...And Someone Else with Me"


The title of Bevza's Exhibition "...And Someone Else with Me" at Bezpala Brown Gallery was named largely to capture the emotion of the Foot of Destiny series. While Bevza's past series demonstrated his evolving and accomplished technique of a great art master, Foot of Destiny surpasses technique to symbolize the spirit. It is the marrying of spirituality with landmark gathering places that lifts these works to a new level of sophistication passing beyond a depiction of the material. "Foot of Destiny (4). Flower" is the embodiment of this series. It has the classic lines of a cut from a Michelangelo fresco, a subtle contrast of colour, a message of new life, with the hue of a masterpiece. The foot is as expressive as an outreached hand. The Creator has left an imprint for all to feel. This work will find its home in a spiritual place. It must because spirit emanates from within it touching all who cast their eyes upon it.

The magic of Bevza's Foot of Destiny is in his use of seemingly luminescent blend of colours and the imagery it creats. No matter what light strikes a Bevza artwork, a stream of colour responds. It is as if his Feet carry their own light source. While this effect is contained in his other series, the spirituality of "Foot of Destiny" seems to breathe light eternal into each work.

Bezpala Brown Gallery has been honoured to premiere "And Someone Else with Me ...." The artwork reinforces that we are not alone while allowing onlookers to define who it is that follows. This is art to hold and cherish.

As beautiful and striking as his past series have been, Foot of Destiny has the potential to place Bevza in the elite of live contemporary artists worldwide. This series touches the onlookers' soul without alienating. It is spirit distinct from religion such that people of all faiths can cherish the same work. It is a brilliant and successful attempt to bring people together by capturing the essence of spirit absent institutional religion.

Bevza's immense artistic abilities are no secret to Europe. Previous series such as Elegies and Theodosics rested on the wondrous mix of colour and imaginative expression of landscapes. The vivid blends captivated onlookers at our Gallery who immediately recognized the depth of this man's talent sparking hope within us that his rise in Europe will be mirrored by recognition and rise in North America.


Darrell Brown, president of Bezpala Brown Gallery (Toronto, Canada)